Sensory Modulation Brisbane is excited to be registered as an NDIS provider. As the NDIS has just rolled out in Brisbane, we are on a steep learning curve!

Sensory Modulation therapists have experience in mental health, sensory modulation, sensory processing and dialectical behavior therapy.

Clinicians are able to work with individuals to identify psychological and sensory factors that can be enhanced to make it easier for people to do what they want to in the home, in the community and with other people.

 Skills Training

 Skills training to increase capacity is available. This includes:


·         anxiety management skills

·         interpersonal effectiveness skills

·         crisis management skills

·         emotion regulation skills

·         self management skills


Sensory Assessments

 A sensory assessments can be conducted to gather information on the sensory triggers, patterns, and preferences that may be contributing to an individual participating in activities of daily living, work, education or community participation and friendships. A plan can be developed to assist the person, change what they are doing, or the environment.

For example, a person who is having difficulty with shopping may have some sensory sensitivities that are contributing to the difficulty. This may include: a sensitivity to the smells in the shop, or the movement of other customers or the bright lights, sounds etc. An assessment could be useful to identify these factors and establish a plan to increase capacity.

 Sensory Modulation

 Sensory Modulation Brisbane therapists have written a Sensory Modulation Resource Manual to assist with using the senses to change how a person feels. There are worksheets that have sensory modulation strategies to try for anxiety, self harm, trauma, pain .

A sensory modulation plan can be developed to identity what would be useful for an individual to use to self regulate.

 Other Services

 Training, Consultancy (eg sensory or safe spaces) and Supervision is available.